Catering & Hire

Easily plan for your event's meat & equipment hire with us.

Got a big party coming up? Bryant's Family Butchery can help you organise for the occasion. Choose from a range of quality poultry, beef, pork, and lamb. Or provide your guests with specialty gourmet meals and flavoursome game meats. Not only does Bryant's Family Butchery sell quality meats, marinades and cures, they also provide the hire equipment you need for your occasion.

Bryant's Family Butchery - catering service


Having the right equipment for a large event is one thing, having the right types and quantities of meat is another. So, don’t take a chance. Get your event supplied by Bryant Family Butcher, who will plan exactly what you need with you, make the order, prepare it and then deliver it all ready to cook, to your venue. To plan your function with us, just call, email or visit the shop.

Get help with quantities and meat selection for your function:

  • Poultry from ethical Tableland providers
  • Beef sourced from grain or grass fed cattle
  • Succulent, full flavoured pork cuts from the Tablelands
  • Lamb cuts from the perfect breeding stocks in Australia
  • Select from our gourmet and game meat range
  • Compliment meats with marinades and cures



The next time you are hosting a large event, consider hiring some (or all) of the Bryant Family Butcher’s range of quality catering and cooking equipment. We will deliver and pick up all the gear from your event, and provide all the instruction you need to ensure the food is cooked to perfection. Talk to us about what you need and we will give you a quote.

Catering equipment available for hire (call for a quote):

  • Gas BBQ
  • Standard BBQ (no gas)
  • Large gas rotisserie (capable of holding up to 60kg pig)
  • Hark tri offset smoker

Additional services available with equipment hire:

  • Load beast onto spike ready for spit
  • Stuff and score pig / lamb/ goat
  • Marinate ribs, roll roasts
  • Supply coal or timber for offset smoker
  • Delivery and pickup
Bryant's Family Butchery - Harki tri offset smoker
Bryant's Family Butchery - large gas rotisserie for hire

Harki tri offset smoker (top). Large gas rotisserie (bottom). Hire equipment may vary in colour and features.