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Poultry, beef, pork, lamb, gourmet, bulk meat packages & game meats.

When it comes to finding a range of quality meats and excellent customer service, you don't have to look elsewhere with Bryant's Family Butchery. Owner and butcher, Ryder, likes to get to know his customers and learn to recognise what they want as soon as they walk in the door. He also provides excellent advice on his craft, with tips on how to get the most out of your meat purchases.

Not only does Bryant's Family Butchery sell quality poultry, beef, pork, lamb and bulk meat packages, they also have a delicious gourmet and game meat range for you to explore.

Bryant's Family Butchery - our meats, poultry


Our chickens are sourced from ethical providers on the Tablelands. They are delivered to us whole and we take great care in boning out the best cuts for you. Special cuts and preparation types, as well as a variety of other kinds of poultry are available upon request.

CutPrice ($/kg)
Breastfrom $14.99*
Thighfrom $13.99*
Wingsfrom $6.99*
Drumsticksfrom $6.99*


Our superb beef products are all sourced from sustainably farmed, grain fed cattle, with our house specialty being locally grown beef from Tolga. For those wanting grass fed cuts, these are readily available upon request. So, whether it is some highly-marbled wagyu, a full-length sirloin to slice your own steaks from, or just some good bangers for the barbie, simply come on in and talk to us about your needs.

CutPrice ($/kg)
Rumpfrom $27.99*
Rib filletfrom $*39.99*
Sirlonfrom $34.99*
T-Bonefrom $32.99*
BBQ minute steakfrom $18.99*
Mincefrom $14.99*
Beef ribsfrom $24.99*
Beef brisketfrom $16.99*
Bryant's Family Butchery - our meats, beef
Bryant's Family Butchery - our meats, pork


When it comes to finding delicious, succulent pork, you don’t have to look far. We source all of ours from suppliers on the Tablelands, who are passionate about providing only the best quality possible. We then produce a large variety of cuts on site that are full of flavour and suit a range tastes and styles. But if you want something a bit different, just ask Ryder or one of the team.

CutPrice ($/kg)
Pork loin chopsfrom $19.99*
Pork cutletsfrom $21.99*
Pork steaksfrom $24.99*
Pork forequater chopsfrom $14.99*
Pork bellyfrom $17.99*
Pork meaty ribletsfrom $23.99*
Pork legfrom $12.99*


Our lamb comes from the lush green valleys and fields of Victoria. Their cooler climate provides the perfect breeding ground for these little gems. We then create the lamb cuts that we know everyone enjoys and can produce more specialised items upon request.

CutPrice ($/kg)
Lamb leg roastfrom $16.99*
Lamb French cutletsfrom $44.99*
Lamb loins chopsfrom $28.99*
Lamb forequater shoulder chopsfrom $18.99*
Lamb shanksfrom $16.99*
Bryant's Family Butchery - our meats, lamb

*All pricing correct at time of publishing and is subject to change

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