Game Meats

Discover the cuts of buffalo, emu, rabbit, venison, camel & goat.

People are rediscovering the amazing flavours and value to be found in these often-overlooked varieties of meat. Cuts of buffalo, emu, rabbit, venison, camel and goat are all available at Bryant’s Family Butcher. If you are not sure what to do with them, just ask the team and they will open your tastebuds to a new world of flavour.

Bryant's Family Butchery - game meats


Bryant’s Family Butchery is where you can talk to the owner and his team about the emerging world of game meats. From popular to unique, there's a game meat for your dining table or next occasion.

You can find seasonings and ideas at Bryant's Family Butchery:

  • Range of marinades and recipe ideas
  • Friendly team to help grow your interest in game meats
  • Tailored cuts, meals and bulk saving meat packs

More delicious meat options: