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Bryant’s family Produce

Suppliers of Quality Beef , Lamb, Pork, Free range Chicken and game meats
As well as a range of amazing gourmet products hand made in store.

At Bryant’s family butchery Ryder strives for an excellence in customer service and cooking advice, from Low n slow BBQ talk to perfecting your favourite GO to meal. With a strong 15 years in the butcher industry and even longer in the home kitchen, Ryder has formed a strong passion for all topics related to creating the perfect meals.


Our beef is carefully selected from a range of different pristine areas around the country including from out back south West Queensland, Northern New South Wales tablelands, Tasmania and even The Victorian Hinterlands. As well as local beef as often as possible. We Stock a combination of grass and grain fed beef and we also bone fresh beef most weeks to ensure we get the best selection of bone in and bone out beef cuts.

  • Cut Price ($/kg)
  • Rumpfrom $28.99kg
  • Rib fillet from $48.99kg
  • Sirloinfrom $39.99kg
  • T-bonefrom$38.99kg
  • Rib on the bone from $42.99kg




We stock Free range Lilydale Chickens and process them in store twice weekly to ensure we offer the freshest chicken every day. By boning our chickens, we are able to create different cuts to suit your needs. We can also arrange fresh Turkey and Duck cuts upon request.

We process fresh Free range Lilydale Chickens up to twice a week to ensure we stock only the freshest free range chicken by boning our chickens we are able to create many different cuts to suit your needs. We can also arrange Fresh Turkey cuts as well as a Range of Duck cuts.

  • Cut Price ($/kg)
  • Breast filletfrom $16.99
  • Thigh filletfrom $14.99
  • Maryland fillet skin on from $13.99kg
  • Wings and Drumsticksfrom $8.99kg


The Pigs we source at Bryant’s Family Butchery are all processed locally at the Rocky Creek abattoir in Tolga. We always Request that our pigs are female and no larger than 60kg to make sure they are tender juicy and have the perfect coverage of fat to ensure full flavour. All the locally processed pigs come from various small farms across the tableland region.

  • Cut Price ($/kg)
  • Loin chops from $21.99kg
  • Frenched Cutlets from $24.99kg
  • Shoulder chops from $14.99kg
  • Belly spare ribs from $21.99kg




Our Lamb is chosen specifically by quality and location we aim to only provide the highest quality lamb possible picked from the Victorian hinterland, Macedon Ranges.

At Bryant’s family butchery lamb is a sure favorite with endless options available from full lamb packs to gourmet rolled, tied stuffed or butterflied portions.

  • Cut Price ($/kg)
  • Bone in leg from $16.99kg
  • Shoulder Chops from $16.99kg
  • Loin chops from $28.99kg
  • French trimmed cutlets from $44.99kg





With many other cuts to choose from have your legs boned rolled or butterflied .
“Exceptional service means options are endless”

all cuts can be flipped into gourmet

house made marinades + rubs

vacuum sealing

specialty orders welcome