Low and Slow Wagyu Eye Fillet and whole chickens

Over the weekend we decided to smoke something a little different!

Wagyu eye fillet, covered in Italian sausage meat, wrapped in prosciutto!(Image 1).

The first step was to fire up the 'Hark Tri offset' smoker to get it to the optimum temperature of 100 or below (Image 2). A combination of lychee timber and natural charcoal was used (Image 3). As a result a wonderful smokey flavour was created. Finally after 8 hours of smoking the lid was opened to an interesting dish! (Image 4). Although the whole piece did not hold together very well the flavour was amazing.

Chickens - In the same setting two whole chickens were smoked. These were cut in half and seasoned with smokey paprika, onion, garlic and rock salt (Image 5,6 & 7). They were a serious hit!! Such an easy way to make chickens scrumptious! (Image 8)

Most importantly a perfect dinner was created for a bunch of good mates who all highly rated the meal! (Image 9).





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